Ladies’ Week: Day 2. The Artist: Adele. The Album: 21.

The first time I remember hearing Adele, she was belting out the lyrics of “Rolling in the Deep” over top of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” Was this the result of a crazy good celebrity sighting while at a karaoke bar in London? Um… no. But I have been to London before! It was lovely. Actually, my cover-loving friend Phill was the one who sent me this mashup made in heaven a few weeks back. Afterwards, it seemed like I saw Adele’s name everywhere (As a side note, I love when people are huge stars on the other side of the Atlantic and I had no idea. It’s like going back hundreds of years to when a friend would have had to sail for months on a clipper ship to hand deliver mp3s of cool mashups to you.), and when a contributor to NPR Music cited “Someone Like You” as one the best songs of the year so far, I knew where to turn next: YouTube. What I found was an impressive performance by a confident, yet human vocalist. It was Adele performing “Someone Like You” at the 2011 Brit Awards, and while her voice is gorgeous, and she is clearly a superstar, she isn’t an every-single-note-is-perfect, who-can-tell-if-she’s-autotuning, singing cyborg like other famous vocalists who shall remain celinedionnameless. Her voice has real soul and personality, and it makes the lyrics sound like they’re coming from the heart, not some faceless songwriter’s pen. Check out the video above for this touching performance of “Someone Like You” to see what I mean, and buy her album 21 on iTunes here. And just for fun, check out that mashup of “Rolling in the Deep” and “Crazy” below.

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