Simon and Garfunkel


Important Vinyl Update … The Artist: Simon and Garfunkel. The Album: Bookends. The Store: Deep Groove. The Price: $4.

It’s the summer of 1993. “Two Princes” by the Spin Doctors is the bees knees. The fam takes a trip to New Jersey, and while we’re there, my 60’s-music-loving uncle hands me a copy of Bookends. Being 10 years old and painfully unhip, I figure, “Oh, it’s those two princes everyone’s talking about.” Who knows how long I carried this horribly wrong assumption. I still can’t look at the cover of Bookends without thinking of the Spin Doctors. On Sunday, I found a gently worn copy, which filled a hole in my record collection and gave me an excuse to listen again. Each time, I hear something new to love. This time it’s the exhilarating hand-clappin’, foot-stompin’ percussion on “Fakin’ It.” See what I mean?