Covert Coup

Mixtape Week: Day 3. The Artist: Curren$y. The Tape: Covert Coup.

It’s easy to see why people would be so confused about how to classify Covert Coup, the most recent offering from New Orleans rapper Curren$y. He called it an EP, and at just 28 minutes, that seems plausible. Then again, it was free, so it’s understandable why people would call it a mixtape. But it’s so damn good, and is so packed with lyrical ingenuity, it feels more like a stripped-down version of a full-length, high quality studio album. My Hip Hop Advisory Committee (HHAC) Chairman and friend J Clyde was kind enough to clue me into this albumixtapEP, and I just couldn’t resist including it as an official part of Mixtape Week. Covert Coup was produced entirely by Alchemist, and it’s beats fit Curren$y’s characteristically laid back mood perfectly – quite an accomplishment, given the recording’s two-minute-a-song, rapid-fire format. My favorite of the tape’s quick hits (the quickest, at just 2:09) is “Success Is My Cologne,” but the longest track, “The Type,” provides the tape’s most memorable moment: an extended study of a single phrase from Outkast’s classic, “Skew It On The Bar-B.” Check it out below to feel the contemplative irony for yourself, and click here for a free download of this album-worthy mixtape.


Pilot Talk

As you grow up, shit just keeps changing. You get into college, get a job, get a different job, get married, etc., all of which can mean moving halfway across the country. The good news is, with certain friends, you can share the experience of finding and listening to new music, and suddenly it’s like they’re sitting in the room with you, even if they’re a thousand miles away. My friend and bandmate 4eva Doug (who I have to thank for my Wilco obsession) went to law school and moved away, but has not stopped telling me when he comes across a band or artist he thinks I should check out, as he did with Curren$y. I’ve recently been getting into his major label debut Pilot Talk, which is made up of quality hip hop with clever lyrics, awesome guest appearances and laid back beats. Can’t wait to check out Pilot Talk II.