In high school, we all trusted my friend J Clyde to let us know which rap music was good. He never steered us wrong, and has gone on to be successful as a DJ and producer of nasty beats. So when I heard about a collective of teenage indie rappers/artists/producers/godknowswhatelse called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, it seemed appropriate to consult J Clyde. He offered a favorable review, and urged me to check out the video for “Yonkers” by the group’s oldest member, Tyler, The Creator. A few minutes later, I was horrified … and totally hooked. The video and song are disturbing yet strikingly artful, which typifies OFWGKTA’s music. If you dig it, check out EARL, a free album by group member Earl Sweatshirt, who may presently be marooned in a center for at-risk kids in Samoa.