Friday News and Notes

Friday Arrested D

It’s Friday, y’all! Got a few items of note heading into a hard-earned weekend:

  • How’s about a 2+ hour loop of live Thai psychedelia? I managed to do 1:51:26 in one sitting. Reminded me a little of that time I went for a 5-mile run and listened to the same Lady Gaga remix on repeat the entire time. They’re called Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band, and they have a new album coming in March.
  • I’m really enjoying what Negative Gemini (formerly of RVA) has been doing lately, especially “You Never Knew,” which came out late last year. She just released a new song called “Body Work.” According to the website of the label she cofounded, she’s slated to release something on vinyl in the “first half of 2016” — I’m wholly excited for it.
  • The Jason Isbell track on this Dave Cobb Southern Family compilation is excellent. Dude can’t write a bad song right now. Side note: If they ever make a Dave Cobb movie… Christian Bale. Just saying.
  • Pitchfork reviewed an incredible slate of albums on Monday, especially Anna Meredith’s. I am wild about this album. Before I even read the review I noticed how much “Nautilus” reminded me of listening to Battles’ Mirrored for the first time, and sure enough, Laura Snapes mentioned Battles in her review. The rest are great too. El GuinchoThao & the Get Down Stay Down (produced by Merrill Garbus). Jennifer O’ConnorMary Lattimore. All worth a read/listen.
  • Blackberry Smoke at the National tonight. My band has been learning their song “Up The Road” — really pretty. I think a few of the guys are going. I’d also recommend Marshall Crenshaw at the Tin Pan on Saturday night. My father-in-law is a big fan. Maybe I’ll start plowing through the Crenshaw albums he passed down to me and get a ticket for tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll just use this weekend to recover from another wild week.

Hope y’all’s weekends are wild in all the best ways.

El Guincho

Pop Negro

Sometimes music just feels right the first time you listen to it. And sometimes, that feeling is all you have to go on, whether it’s because you’re listening to an artist who sings in a foreign language, or to music that’s purely instrumental, or to a band whose singer is a bit of a mumbler. In the case of El Guincho, I have no idea what Pablo Díaz-Reixa is saying. I know he’s Spanish, that he’s singing in Spanish, and that I took four years of Spanish in high school, but that’s about as far as my lyrical analysis can go. But I do know that his song “Bombay” hit me just right when I first heard it on Hype Machine. “Bombay” is remarkable on a number of levels – it’s rhythmically diverse, catchy, well produced, etc. But more than anything else, it brightened my day the first time I heard it, and I hope it brightens yours as well. Check it out below, and if you dig it, keep listening! His label was nice enough to post the whole album on Soundcloud!