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Record Store Day Superlatives

Record Store Day is quickly fading in the rear view mirror, and now that we’ve had a couple days to strip off the shrink wrap, listen to the loot and digest the day’s events, I wanted to share a few reactions and a few songs. In lieu of a list of acquisitions (I’m a little scared to a provide the complete inventory, as my better half reads this blog, and I may or may not have some financial splainin’ to do), I thought I’d keep the superlatives theme from earlier this month rollin’ by handing out a few RSD Superlatives. Off we go…

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Florence + the Machine


One of my favorite podcasts in the entire universe is Radiolab, a show based out of WNYC that features all sorts of stories about science, not to mention some of the snazziest editing and production I’ve heard anywhere, ever, in anything. They can turn the painfully boring stuff that used to make your mind wander in the direction of bludgeoning your high school chemistry teacher into riveting radio gold.

In January, they did a show about the bad side of human nature, and spent some time talking about an experiment that was done at Yale in which (long story short) a psychologist named Stanley Milgram tested how much pain people were willing to inflict on other people in the name of science. While, on the surface, the experiment showed how obedient people can be, one of the most interesting findings was that when a white-coat-wearing authority figure told reticent subjects that they had “no other choice” but to continue administering painful electroshocks, 100% of the people told them to stick the experiment where the sun don’t shine. People really, really don’t like being bossed around. I didn’t realize it until hearing about Milgram’s experiment, but I feel similarly about negative record reviews.

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Florence and the Machine


Ladies’ Week: Day 1. The Artist: Florence + the Machine. The Album: Lungs.

Editor’s Note: In the immortal words of the Beastie Boys … “HEY LAAAADIEEEEEES!” OK, that was immature. Can we start over? Ahem … It’s Ladies’ Week on the blog, and all this week, we’ll be checking out … I mean … LISTENING TO some super talented female musicians. Hope you enjoy!

If you’re looking for high-grade political snark, The Colbert Report is the place to go. But the show also has a history of hosting some impressive musical performances — Wilco premiering “Wilco the Song” and Paul Simon singing “Getting Ready for Christmas Day” are two of my favorites — and Colbert just stepped up his game even more, holding a multi-day, in-studio music festival called “StePhest Colbchella ‘011.” In addition to rock star training sessions with Jack White and some characteristically awkward interviews (I’m still trying to figure out what makes his chats with musicians so enjoyably painful), the week-long celebration gave us performances by Bon Iver, Talib Kweli and the incredible Florence + the Machine. Relative newcomers — the band was nominated in the “Best New Artist” category at this year’s Grammy Awards — Florence Welch and her backing band did a moving rendition of their song “The Dog Days Are Over,”  from their debut album Lungs. Florence’s voice has tremendous power and weight behind it, bowling you over like a wave that came out of nowhere and left you upside down with sand all up in your bathing suit. And I mean that in the best way possible, of course. I recommend checking out the video here (and all the rest from StePhest Colbchella ‘011, as well) and the album version below. And click here for Lungs, which is worthy of every bit of the critical praise it’s earned since it was released two years and two days ago.

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