This Great Pressure

Important Follow-Up Message: Jonathan Larroquette, half of the hilarious podcasting duo that gives us Uhh Yeah Dude (described below), is also half of a musical duo named Jogger. I learned about Jogger from the same friend that recommended UYD. Their album, This Great Pressure, features rich and diverse electronic music that’s anchored by guitar and moves from one genre to the next fluidly. The album is at once sparse and chaotic, dark and uplifting … it’s an immersive roller coaster ride, perfect for people who love all types of music. As my friend who told me about them would say, “Get that shizz!”

Uhh Yeah Dude

I have a friend named Giselle who has crazy good taste in music. She’s also the one that told me about Uhh Yeah Dude, a two-man podcast that is hilarious, meandering, abstract and brilliant. The two LA-based podcasters are named Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette, and in each hour-ish long episode, they chat about recent events, scientific studies and celebrity goings-on, among other topics. The show has never failed to make me laugh out loud. If you like being happy and random conversations, subscribe on iTunes ASAP. Seatbelts.