Some time after I published Wednesday’s post about Aimee Mann’s hilarious “Labrador” video, I received a fantastic bread-crumb tweet from my distinguished colleague over at Richmond Playlist

I don’t watch nearly enough Portlandia. I’ve seen a few clips, and have savored the sumptuous absurdity of each one — this scene at a dog park is a beginner’s favorite — but I haven’t yet Netflix’d the series from start to finish. I feel a little shame in admitting this, given that Mrs. YHT and I visited Portland last year and had the chance to experience some of its cultural quirks up close. (I also got to experience some of its record stores up close, and came back with a backpack haphazardly stuffed with 45s. Fortunately, it managed to fit far enough under the seat in front of me on the plane that the flight attendant didn’t make me squish the records any closer together.)

We loved the city pretty much instantly, and I remember resolving to dive into Portlandia ASAP. Unfortunately I haven’t followed through, BUT I MEAN IT THIS TIME, and I have the segment above to thank.

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