The Cool Kids

Who cares if they drive on the wrong side of the road and call sweaters “jumpers” … the Brits know their music. In fact, London is home to the world’s greatest car stereo, and I’m not talking about your cousin’s ’94 LeBaron with the subs in the trunk. I’m talking about the Black Cab Sessions! These videos feature famous bands crammed into the back of London’s trademark black cabs, performing for an audience of two: a cameraman and a disoriented cab driver, who has only a few moments beforehand agreed to host the mini concert. It’s a different driver each time, but one thing doesn’t change – they’re always filmed in one take, so you get a truly unvarnished view of the performers. That’s one reason I love The Cool Kids’ Black Cab Session so much. During their 5-minute ride, you get to hear the crazy talented, Chicago-based hip-hop duo of Antoine “Sir Michael Rocks” Reed and Evan “Chuck Inglish” Ingersoll trade off rapping and drumming a beat on the side of the cab, only to have the session fall to pieces when Mickey spits what might be the greatest freestyle lyric of all time: “My imprint is worth more than 9 gold infants.” Love it. Just … love it. Check out their Session above, and poke around the Black Cab Sessions’ website, because tons of great artists have recorded one. And keep an eye out for the Cool Kids’ album When Fish Ride Bicycles, coming out July 12. To whet your appetite, I’ve arranged a bonus test drive below of “A Little Bit Cooler” from their outstanding record, The Bake Sale.

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