The Errant Charm

I was recently having a craptastic day, and had resigned myself to the day’s craptastic trajectory when, out of the blue, I was thrown a life preserver in the form of an email from my friend Giselle. Inside was a link to a Rolling Stone-hosted preview of Vetiver’s new album, The Errant Charm, and in just a few minutes, my world was transformed. Ever since Giselle first told me about Vetiver a few years back, I’ve admired their knack for crafting folk songs that can fill a room with their ethereal depth. But this was different. The Errant Charm didn’t just fill a void — it lifted me out of my chair and took me somewhere more fun and relaxed than where I started. Listening to the the album makes you feel like you’re striking out on a hybrid road/beach/camping trip with a few of your best friends and Andy Cabic’s soothing voice narrating the whole adventure. Several days after my fist listen, “Ride Ride Ride” and “Wonder Why” haven’t stopped making me want to hit the road Easy Rider-style, and “Can’t You Tell” is still bringing a big, summer-time smile to my face. Best of all is the emotional connection I have with The Errant Charm, because I’ll never forget how it came into my life at just the right moment, thanks to a perfectly timed email. If you want to be happier than you are at this very moment, check out “Can’t You Tell” below or click here for the Rolling Stone preview that came to my rescue, and if you enjoy it, click here to buy The Errant Charm from iTunes.

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