Happy Birthday, Richmond Playlist!

There are a zillion reasons why everyone and their second cousin should head out to the Camel tonight for Richmond Playlist’s blog birthday party. I’ve listed a random sampling of 5 of these reasons below, organized in no particular order…

1. To paraphrase Kanye West in “Monster,” your presence is your present. Day in and day out, Richmond Playlist provides an extremely valuable public service, keeping RVA in the know about essential shows and upcoming releases. Since you’re not an ingrate, you know that the best way to communicate your appreciation is to come say “Happy Second Birthday!” in person (feel free to leave off the end of that Kanye lyric — it kinda ruins the sentiment).

2. You’ll be rubbing elbows with a celeb. The author of Richmond Playlist, Andrew Cothern, was recently featured in a wonderful Richmond Times-Dispatch article, his second mention in the paper this year, by my count (here’s the first). Better enjoy his company now, before his star rises even further and he starts hopping planes with Richard Branson or Drake or Richard Branson AND Drake.

3. Cake. According to the Facebook event site, “Word is there may be cake.” As I’m sure you know, during the nascent days of our democracy, Marie Antoinette successfully lobbied to have “Let them eat cake” added to the United States Bill of Rights [citation needed]. So when you think about it, it’d be downright unpatriotic if you didn’t come and investigate this cake situation.

4. It’s actually going to start on time. Shows starting late is a well-documented pet peeve of Andrew’s, so you can bet that this particular shindig will run smoother than a Foxconn assembly line. Minus the debilitating carpal tunnel, of course.

5. The tunes! The glorious, free tunes! Admission is free and the lineup for the show is a great one, with Marionette, Against Grace and Dead Fame. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Dead Fame ever since my first listen through their fantastic Frontiers EP. Join me in getting pumped up for tonight’s party by sampling a pair of their songs below (you can buy Frontiers here).

Hope to see you all there! Happy birthday, Richmond Playlist!

Dead Fame — “Frontiers” [Spotify/iTunes]

Dead Fame — “We Can Run” [Spotify/iTunes]

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Richmond Playlist!

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