Father John Misty

Fear Fun

I love Daytrotter. If this isn’t your first You Hear That rodeo, you may already know that. I believe wholeheartedly that it’s one of the best sites for music on the entire interweb. Actually, “site” doesn’t really do it justice; Daytrotter’s massive archive and mobile platform give it the feel of a streaming service like Spotify, except that it trafficks in exclusive live performances, each one with an incisive write-up and beautifully stylized in-house cover art. The $2-buck-a-month membership fee even grants you the ability to listen to these sessions being recorded, which is a really neat way to get behind the scenes and learn a little about the idiosyncrasies of performers’ personalities.

That being said, there’s a lesser-heralded aspect of Daytrotter that I enjoy almost as much as the site’s actual content: founder Sean Moeller’s twitter feed.

Not only does @realdaytrotter give you a sneak preview of who will be recording sessions (his “just confirmed a taping with…” and “writing about…” tweets are nuggets of anticipatory gold), he also posts about what he’s been listening to, and I have a tweet he wrote last Sunday to thank for my current obsession with Fear Fun.

Fear Fun is ex-Fleet Foxes drummer J. Tillman’s debut as Father John Misty (though he’s released several solo albums under his own name) and I’m so glad the above-pictured post pushed me to give it a proper front-to-back listen, because Moeller is absolutely right. It’s outstanding. Much like its colorful cover art, the album offers a wonderfully varied collection of sideways images and ideas, full of top-notch storytelling and dry wit. You can preview the whole thing on Soundcloud here or listen below to a few of my favorite tracks. If you dig it, click here to buy it on iTunes.

I also encourage you to click here to check out his Daytrotter sessionNot a member? Well I have an offer you can’t refuse. I will personally donate a year’s Daytrotter membership to the first person who raises their hand by leaving a comment below that references this contest. You see, Daytrotter is giving a free copy of their limited-edition Cold Wars/Lumineers split 12-inch to anyone who buys a gift membership, and I. want. that. record. You get a year of an amazing service. I get some highly coveted vinyl. Everybody wins. Let’s make it happen. [Update: Gina is our winner! Thanks for commenting so quickly, and for helping me get my grubby mitts on the Civil Wars/Lumineers record!]

Father John Misty — “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” [Spotify/iTunes]

Father John Misty — “Only Son Of The Ladiesman” [Spotify/iTunes]

Father John Misty — “Now I’m Learning To Love The War” [Spotify/iTunes]

6 thoughts on “Father John Misty

  1. Well damn. I’ll take a Daytrotter membership.

    (The Father John Misty album is pretty awesome, too. Check out the audio of the NonComm show he did in May on the XPN website if you have a chance.)

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