I (|>) RVA Music

How’s that for some quality punctuation manipulation in the title? OK, OK, I admit it’s a sorry excuse for a play button. And that it looks more like a sideways Andy Capp, purveyor of the finest vending machine hot fries in all the land. My homemade “rock on” hand, however, is no joke…


Awwwww yeah! Soooooo… what we were talking about? Right! Tonight’s “I Play RVA Music” fundraiser! This is quite the action-packed Friday, with the Lumineers/Brandi Carlile Groovin’ in the Garden show I mentioned recently and the last installment of Friday Cheers, but I’d urge anyone and everyone to head to Gallery 5 at some point this evening for their summer fundraiser, which starts at 8pm.

This is an excellent chance to support one of Richmond’s best venues, which happens to be home to my favorite stage setup in town. There’s something really special about the way Gallery 5 maintains the coziness of a small venue, while offering a stage that elevates musicians (literally and figuratively), making each performance feel like even more of a spectacle. I really hope those of you who live nearby will consider stopping in and throwing a $5 admission fee into the hat.

Among the bands helping Gallery 5 bring in the big bucks are Greenhearts, Classic Monkey Shine and Goldrush, the last of whom will be comin’ in hot after their gig opening for The Head and the Heart last night at the 9:30 Club. I absolutely love the group’s most recent release, We Don’t Have to Worry, and couldn’t recommend seeing their songs come to life with your very own eyeballs highly enough. Well… I guess you could pull a Minority Report and see them with used, black-market eyeballs, but that seems completely unnecessary. Unless of course you traveled back in time to escape the PreCrime police and were followed, in which case it’d be kind of a dick move to ruin the fundraiser by showing up with a bunch of future cops in tow. Just sayin’.

I mentioned before that admission is just 5 bucks, but did I mention there will be a door raffle? And a silly photobooth? And that you can get a caricature of yourself done? Don’t people who pose for caricatures belong in the self-esteem Olympics? I long for that kind of confidence, especially after the beating I just took from autocorrect trying to figure out how to spell the word “caricature.”

Click here for more information about tonight’s event, and if you’re not familiar with Goldrush, check below to hear “Tonight I’m Not Going Anywhere,” from their fantastic We Don’t Have to Worry EP, which you can grab here.

Goldrush — “Tonight I’m Not Going Anywhere” [Spotify/iTunes]

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