Making Moves

2 weeks have passed since I had the pleasure of interviewing Prabir Mehta and Treesa Gold of Goldrush about their installment in Mad Dragon Records’ Making Moves series, and now that the 7-inch single has hit the streets (and my doorstep), I wanted to share a few thoughts… and a scurrilous accusation.

Goldrush is a band with an unusually wide range of strengths, and A-side “Settle Down” could double as a highlight reel of sorts, showcasing the group’s bright, uplifting personality, nimble songwriting, flair for idiosyncrasy, mastery of dynamics and unique ability to manipulate sonic space. The truly crazy thing about their Making Moves release is that B-side “REX” does the same thing… in less than 2 minutes.

2 minutes. 120 seconds. 1/262,800 of a year. Not much time, right? What can you really get done in 2 measly minutes?

You can…

“REX” clocks in at just 1:56, but moves with impossible efficiency. The song offers a shrink-wrapped package of stinging chords, sweeping pop hooks, soothing harmonies, sweetly paired strings… all placed gracefully next to one another in a wildly pleasing musical blitz. The more I think about it, the more I’m inclined to believe that the B-side of this green, see-through vinyl disc is the result of some kind of supernatural time manipulation. Could it be magic? We certainly can’t rule it out, especially when the record was released by a label called “Mad Dragon Records.” Now, you may be saying to yourself, “Dude, relax. They’re just extremely good at what they do.” Could be. Either way, I think we should all keep an extremely close eye on Goldrush.

One more quick thing — it bears mentioning that there’s extra incentive in snagging both physical and electronic versions of the single, as the listing on iTunes includes “The Dream Is Over” — a tempestuous lament that’s not to be missed. Listen to “REX” below, click here to buy the 7-inch record, here to snag the single on iTunes, and don’t forget to hit The Camel on September 2 for the record’s release show!

Goldrush — “REX” [Spotify/iTunes]

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