Yellow Ostrich


Regrets. I has them.

My latest: Somehow I fell asleep at the switch and missed out on ordering the super limited edition version of Yellow Ostrich’s new Ghost EP. 100 copies — no more, no less (you’ll see why in a sec) — of the new release come packaged in an actual segment of the painting pictured above, which was done on a grid of blank record sleeves by New York-based artist Graham Parks. How cool is that? Very, right? How pissed am I at myself for not jumping on this opportunity and getting my order in before they sold out? Again — very!

Sure a few remaining copies will be for sale on an upcoming tour, but without a stop in Richmond, I fear my chances of getting my hands on 1% of that original album art are looking pretty slim. The good news is that, however it’s packaged, Ghost represents new material from a group I couldn’t be more excited about, having been blown away by their opening set at The National in June. The even better news is that the fantastic title track, uploaded to Soundcloud less than two weeks ago, explores some of the same creative space that made me fall for their previous full-length, Strange Land. All good things. I really should cheer up about this.

Check out “Ghost” below and click here to pre-order the 6-song EP, which comes out on October 22. And if anyone can think of a way for me to finagle one of those 100 squares pictured above, I’m all ears.

Yellow Ostrich — “Ghost” [Soundcloud/iTunes]

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