The Trillions

Last week, I shared a little about how I pick songs for Fridays, saying that I tend to look for the most fun/weekend-y thing I heard during the course of the week. On a somewhat related side note, I woke up with R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” stuck in my head, which is fun and all, but not really appropriate for 8 a.m., no matter which day of the week it is. (By the way, have you seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance of “Ignition”? Well worth a look-see.)

Wait… what were we talking about? OH YEAH! Besides levity, there’s another great reason to save a post for Friday — the need for a couple of weekend days to chew on it.

Some of the best music takes time to unpack, and I would enthusiastically put The Trillions and the new video for their song “Ctrl-X Ctrl-V” in that category. It’s been a real pleasure over the last four months listening to and relistening to Tritones, which compresses a tremendous amount of complexity and musical math into 12 efficiently arranged compartments, and the clip above follows suit beautifully.

It’s rich in symbolism — dispassionate women sport elaborate geometric shapes, color schemes range from washed-out white all the way to black light, and band members take turns warming the seats of an airport terminal bench — and this RVA Magazine piece does a wonderful job diving into the meaning behind these images. The one thing I’d add that jumped out at me is how the video impressively manages to turn the nature of vocal harmonies on its head. Singing in harmony usually inspires a warm-and-fuzzy feeling of togetherness, but not here. Charlie Glenn and Chris Smith are estranged throughout much of the video, even as they’re singing complementary notes (I found the shot of Smith singing on the airport bench to be one of the most affecting of the whole clip). It’s a stark illustration of the song’s themes — of walled-off internality and disconnection – and I’m looking forward to a weekend of rewatching and unpacking the other ways in which these wonderful words and images interact.

Check out the video above, listen to “Ctrl-X Ctrl-V” below, and click here to snag the highly recommendable Tritones.

The Trillions — “Ctrl-X Ctrl-V” [Spotify/iTunes]

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