Yadi just made me feel like Freddie Prinze, Jr.

For real.

This past Friday, I got an email saying that Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio had remixed a song called “Unbreakable” by a London-based singer I’d never heard of. I was planning on listening once, moving on to the remix and maybe writing about how neat it was that a member of VW was rekindling the group’s collaborative relationship with The Very Best, who contributed to the original version of the song in question. Bing, bang, boom. Blog post on a platter, courtesy of The Very Best’s email list.

But there’s the thing. When I gave that original version of “Unbreakable” its courtesy listen, I really, really liked it. I liked its extended intro, which features Senegalese singer Baaba Maal for nearly 2 minutes. I liked how the song takes a left turn, setting up an extremely satisfying, club-friendly payoff. I liked the cognitive dissonance I got from Yadi’s voice breaking into falsetto when she sings the word “unbreakable” (kind of like when you see the name of one color written in another color)… Don’t get me wrong, Baio’s remix is fun, but I’m totally attached to the original text.

And now I feel bad. I was going to use Yadi’s song. And not “use” in the utilitarian sense. We’re talking the “You used me…” kind of “use” — the one in which people elooooooongate the word and squint their eyes to describe having been taken advantage of. I saw “Unbreakable” as a vehicle for talking about these two other bands. But when I got to know it, my interest became real, my intentions were purified, and I saw just how callous and shallow I had been.

OK, Now reread those last two sentences and replace “Unbreakable” with “Rachael Leigh Cook,” replace “talking about other bands” with “showing that I can make any girl in school prom queen just by dating her.”

I was She’s All That-ing Yadi. Damn.

Hopefully Yadi will give me a second chance, like Rachael Leigh Cook did for Freddie Prinze, Jr. Preview and download the original “Unbreakable” and Baio’s remix below. And never forget — the fastest way to a gal’s heart is hacky sack performance art.

Yadi — “Unbreakable” (ft. Baaba Maal and The Very Best) [Soundcloud]

Yadi — “Unbreakable” – Baio Remix [Soundcloud]

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