Dead Fame

Dead Fame

Do you like Labyrinth?

Of course you like Labyrinth. That was a stupid question. Here’s a better question: Haven’t you always wanted to be, like, in the movie — especially the scene where everyone gets dressed up masquerade-style and a 39-year-old David Bowie seductively serenades and slow dances with a 15-year-old Jennifer Connelly?

Of course you have! Another stupid question. I’m just going to stop asking questions and let you know that your freakiest, Jim Henson-addled dreams are about to come true this weekend — twice.

Richmond’s own Dead Fame are shooting their first music video today and tomorrow (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days) at Balliceaux, and they want YOU to be a part of it. According to the band’s Facebook announcement, the concept for the “My Body, My Fool” video involves a “modern, minimalistic take on Labyrinth,” and it sounds like it’s going to really cool. They’re calling for dressed-up extras, hair and makeup artists and orchestral instrument owners to pitch in both onscreen and behind the scenes to help turn Balliceaux into a “sexy, dark masquerade.” And really, when’s the last time you had a chance to go to a sexy, dark masquerade? (If you answered anything other than “Ummm…” to that question, you should probably stop reading this blog post and hop in a Dos Equis commercial ASAP.)

I was especially excited when I read about this because YHT headquarters was home to a screening of Labyrinth just a few weeks ago. A friend’s wife confessed that she’d never seen the movie in its entirety, and since we own a DVD copy — it’s Mrs. YHT’s favorite childhood movie — we immediately popped it in. Good lord. They do not make ’em like they used to, fair reader. On the list of movies that could never in a million years be released in the present day, Labyrinth has to be somewhere near the top. I mean, that codpiece. THAT CODPIECE. Just look at it. 2013 could not handle that thing. (Quick word to the wise — don’t Google image search “codpiece.” Just… don’t.)

I’m venturing astray. Because my memory of the movie is as fresh as the Bog of Eternal Stench is not, I thought I’d share a pair of motivational videos. First up — the big ballroom scene, which I’d venture to guess is the inspiration for the video. Note the masks. Masks are very important to any sexy, dark masquerade, and while Dead Fame has said that they’ll be providing some masks, don’t hold back if you have one at home that resembles something you see in this video. Bring it out, put it on and dance the day(s) away. Maybe you’ll get a closeup to go with your IMDB credit.

OK, now that you have the look down, I have one more clip from the movie. It’s not going to help you choose your outfit, exactly. In fact, it sorta has nothing to do with the aesthetic Dead Fame is summoning. BUT it features my favorite song from Labyrinth (“Dance Magic”) and includes one of the strangest song lyrics in existence — “Slap that baby, make him free.” What the what? And it’s not like that lyric flies by in the middle of a verse. It’s the last line of the chorus, the place where half of all songs (and almost all country songs) get their titles. Think about that. “Dance Magic” was one bad decision away from being called “Slap That Baby (Make Him Free).” See what I mean…

Yet somehow, it just works. That’s how you know you’re in the hands of a magical filmmaker; the strangest pieces come together to form a beloved masterpiece, and I encourage you to head to Balliceaux this weekend and be one of those pieces (cod- or otherwise) in Dead Fame’s video. Click here to read more about the shoot on Facebook and listen below to “My Body, My Fool” (and “Magic Dance,” just for good measure).

Dead Fame — “My Body, My Fool” [Soundcloud]

David Bowie — “Magic Dance” [Spotify/iTunes]

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