The Most Americans

I have a pair of hugely patriotic updates to share, and because they’re time-sensitive, I’m switching to bullet format… NOW:

  • The Most Americans have just posted a delightfully unsettling video for “To Whom It May Concern,” the third track off their self-titled debut full-length. It’s a hypnotic assemblage of decades-old film clips, with footage of spiders, trains, 50’s-era dads, absurdly archaic medical diagrams and some exceedingly creepy kids doing what appear to be some sort of parallel-universe jumping packs. In terms of getting under your skin, the video serves the song’s lyrics perfectly. If you haven’t already, check it out above.
  • To celebrate the video’s release, the band has decided to — for today only — offer their album on Bandcamp for just $3. It’s a dynamite collection of songs, one I’ve written about more than once, and I’d encourage you to run-don’t-walk (figuratively speaking, of course) to take advantage of this opportunity.

Watch the “To Whom It May Concern” video above, listen to the song below and click here to buy The Most Americans for $3 over at Bandcamp.

The Most Americans — “To Whom It May Concern” [Bandcamp]

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