Matuto article 2

In June of this year, I was up in Harrisburg, PA — Mrs. YHT’s hometown — and I caught my first glimpse of Matuto at the music venue that occupies the second floor of the Appalachian Brewing Company. I was stunned. Taken aback. Gobsmacked.

With only two-thirds of their usual lineup, they managed to sustain the energy and fun of a favorite party band while delivering the musical depth and fulfillment of a classical ensemble. It seemed like magic at the time.

A few days later, while I was still trying to process how the hell the band did some of the things they did, I spoke with frontman Clay Ross over the phone about touring with Cyro Baptista, being compared to Dave Brubeck, the common ancestry of musical styles and how on Earth he and accordion player Rob Curto can play in unison with such precision. The interview went live yesterday over at — you can check it out here.

On Thursday, November 12 — that same Thursday that’s happening in two days — the New York-based group will be bringing their unbelievably agile blend of jazz, roots, bluegrass and Brazilian folk to Balliceaux, and I strongly recommend kicking your weekend off early by making the trip. The show starts at 9:30 p.m. and costs $7, which is a pittance compared to what you’ll take away from seeing them perform. Click here for more info and check out a couple of sample songs below, including their dynamite cover of “John The Revelator.”

Matuto — “Dois Nordestes” [Spotify/iTunes]

Matuto — “John The Revelator” [Spotify/iTunes]

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