Stephen Brodsky

Stephen Brodsky

If you’re like me, and I really hope you’re not, you spent Sunday evening and all of Monday in a five-alarm, rueful rage over the final moments of that almost-amazing U.S./Portugal World Cup match. Maybe you said some unkind things about Cristiano Ronaldo, his stupid hair and/or whether or not he’s a good person. Maybe you even swore off Panda Bear’s music (at least for a little while) because he lives in Lisbon.

Again, hopefully not. I’m sure your maturity kept you soaring miles above such lowly reactions. BUT JUST IN CASE, I thought I’d share a song that’s helping me feel better: “Light Hearted” by Little Black Cloud Records artist Stephen Brodsky.

It lasts just over two minutes, and there are relatively few lyrics, but he’s managed to capture with impressive clarity what it’s like to have a heart that’s susceptible to periods of rueful weightiness, and how crucial it is to surround yourself with people who have countervailing personalities.

Join me in exorcising Sunday’s demons by listening below. And by throwing away any and all Ronaldo voodoo dolls you may or may not have made while sitting in the center of a candlelit pentagram and listening to Gregorian chant music while the moon was full, etc.

Stephen Brodsky — “Light Hearted” [Soundcloud]

2 thoughts on “Stephen Brodsky

  1. Nice pick! Stephen Brodsky is also the ringleader of Cave In, a phenomenal “Boston hardcore” band that has expanded its sound of the years in polarizing ways. If you’re going to start somewhere, their latest record, White Silence, might be the best place. It marries their hardcore roots with later post-rock bombast, art-rock noodling, and Brodsky’s more nostalgic solo stuff. He also fronts Mutoid Man with the drummer of Converge. It’s a rare “supergroup” that’s legitimately super.

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