William Bell

William Bell

You look tense. How’s your week been? Cray? I feel ya. I think we all just need to relax a little bit.

I’ll tell you how I’m planning to relax tonight… William Bell. The Richmond Folk Festival. Just look at the album cover above — that dude is clearly qualified to help you find a more leisurely mindset.

I actually found myself looking at this very record cover during my recent trip to Boulder, CO for a friend’s wedding. I was able to visit not one but two whole record stores while I was in Boulder, and while I was tempted to get Coming Back for More — ever since I saw that Bell was performing at the Folk Festival, I’ve been trying to find used albums that would serve as study materials — I put it down because some hasty Internet research told me the price wasn’t right. I’ve since learned (like, while writing this post) that I was looking at the wrong (CD) listing on Discogs and that the price was more than fair, especially since the album isn’t available on Spotify or iTunes. Damn.

Guess I’ll have to settle for seeing him sing in person.

Check out Coming Back for More track “Relax” below and click here for information on the Folk Festival, which is free and runs from today until Sunday.

William Bell — “Relax” [Soundcloud/YouTube]

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