The Trillions

The Trillions

World, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to “Dead Meat,” from the Trillions’ soon-to-released album, Superposition.

(If you haven’t been following along as Superposition songs have started making their way online, I highly recommend clicking here, here, here and here.)

The Trillions do a great many things well, but what I find so remarkable about a song like “Dead Meat” (and their recordings in general) is how they turn their proficiency into something vital. The stormy opening rises and quickly descends with an orchestrated feel that’s tempered by the band’s characteristic efficiency. Nothing’s wasted, nothing lingers. The staccato verse hits you before you know what happened. Fortunately, the explosive beginning passage is repeated before the final chorus, and that transition gives you a chance to appreciate how they’ve cultivated two distinct types of urgency — the outward turmoil of the intro and the smoldering restlessness of a chorus that’s sung with a bittersweet sense of harmony. That transition has already become a moment I can’t wait to hear, the kind you think about when you’re not listening to a song before deciding that you need to hear that song as soon as humanly possible. Fortunately, you can hear “Dead Meat” as soon as humanly possible by clicking play just a few pixels down.

It’s my early favorite from an album that promises to be one of Richmond music’s high points of 2015. I hope you enjoy, and I hope to see you at the Superposition release party, set for January 31 at Strange Matter.

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