The Very Best

The Very Best

Mrs. YHT played host to her book club one night last week, and I made myself scarce by taking Herbie Hancock’s Possibilities memoir on a dinner date. As I was finishing my bowl of pho, I got to this paragraph, which comes just after Hancock describes making his Head Hunters album:


I’ve been thinking about those last few words ever since — how I can let go in situations where I’m tempted to hold on to things like anger or resentment (basketball season tends to offer a buffet of unhealthy emotions). The original context applies too, as I’m as guilty as anyone — more, probably — of trading freedom for feelings of safety.

Learning to let go isn’t an overnight thing, but I’m making it a late addition to my list of New Year’s resolutions, and I think I just found this initiative’s theme song: a new tune from The Very Best called “Let Go,” which features an assist from Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio. Hopefully repeated listening will get that damn Frozen song out of my head.

Listen below and look forward to April 14, when The Very Best’s new album Makes a King will be released.

The Very Best — “Let Go” [Soundcloud]

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