Can’t let the week come to and end without saying a few words about Avers’ fantastic set at the tUnE-yArDs show on Monday.

I was there with my friend Tex, who hadn’t seen Avers before, meaning I got to be all “You’re gonna love this!” and “Make sure to watch Charlie!” and “Tyler Williams hits drums hard and awesome!” in between songs. Given the way Avers’ membership is often represented — an RVA supergroup — a non-small amount of civic pride wells up when I watch them perform. And Tex has worked toward the betterment of the city in the nonprofit sector for most of his professional life, so civic pride is not lost on him. He was extolling Richmond’s virtues long before I realized how lucky I was to be living here, despite the fact that we graduated from UR just a year apart, and it was fun being on the other side of that on Monday while Avers were onstage — telling him how bright I think the band’s future is and all the exciting things that have been happening for them lately.

It’s been so rewarding seeing Avers pick up this out-of-town steam, with SXSW buzz, an NPR Music video, and an A.V. Club premiere of new song “Vampire” (embedded below). I was especially psyched to see in that A.V. Club article that they’re planning on releasing a new LP this year. Speaking of new material, Richmond mainstays Reggie Pace and Marcus Tenney joined Avers for another new song (tentatively titled “Help Me”) on Monday night, rendering the group even more super. What a truly awe-inspiring thing it was and is, seeing that collection of people sharing the same space together. Check it out above and listen to “Vampires” below.

Avers — “Vampire” [Soundcloud]

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