Anat Cohen

Anat Cohen

You know what your weekend needs? Some clarinet, that’s what.

My jaw just about fell off after I started playing Anat Cohen’s version of “Putty Boy Strut.” Just outstanding. It’s enough to make you think that the jumpy melodic theme could have actually been written for the clarinet. Who knows, maybe it was — Flying Lotus is related to a pretty snazzy reed player named John Coltrane. (Could also have been written for the opera singer from The Fifth Element.) I don’t know what’s more exciting about this — listening or basking in the brilliance of the match Cohen made by voicing this melody with this instrument.

One sec…

OK, so listening is definitely the most exciting part. A+ for the idea, A+ for execution.

Anat Cohen — “Putty Boy Strut” (Flying Lotus cover) [Bandcamp/iTunes]

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