Sound Gaze

Sound Gaze

So I was on Sound Gaze again! I’m a huge fan of Doug Nunnally’s WDCE show, and I’m extremely thankful to have been invited back last Saturday. The full episode is posted below.

I have to warn you: If you have an aversion to the word “incredible,” you’re in for a bumpy ride. I went for a long run on Sunday so I could listen back to the interview and kept hearing that word — somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 times total. A few probably came from nervous energy, but the rest are indicative of a 5th-gear enthusiasm that Doug has a way of bringing out in people. If you know him you know this already, but it’s impossible to talk to him about music without getting psyched up yourself, because his knowledge and commitment are themselves incredible.

We had a great chat — about Sleepwalkers, Manatree, Lucy Dacus, the Beatles, Jason Isbell… all sorts of fun stuff — and I hope you’ll check it out below or over at Doug’s Sound Gaze site. And tune into WDCE every Saturday morning at 11 to hear his show — it’s become a treasured part of my weekend routine, and I bet you’d enjoy it as well.

Sound Gaze — July 11th, 2015

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