Positive No

Positive No

What a fun week to be a Richmond music fan, y’all.

On Monday, Ryan Adams goes on a pro-Sleepwalkers Twitter/Instagram campaign, serving up a heaping helping of vindication to those of us who believe Greenwood Shade remains one of the hands-down best albums released in the last few years. (Adams even posted a follow-up on Tuesday for people who “were out sick yesterday…”)

On Wednesday, NPR posts the video for Windhand’s “Crypt Key,” which will be on a new album coming out in September.

The very next day, NPR does a First Watch of Positive No’s amazing “Pedal Through” video. I found out via Tumblr — I was just scrolling through my dash, checking out what my tumblbuds were up to, and BAM: NPR had posted the video with a caption reading “Richmond’s Positive No made an Indie Rock Parking Lot parody for the song “Pedal Through” and it is everything.” Made me so happy. I have to cop to never having seen Heavy Metal Parking Lot, but I remember seeing the casting call for the video and loving the idea. Tracy and Kenny are two of the most savvy, creative, and knowledgeable musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of interviewing, and it’s clear that they’ve created a masterpiece here. The fact that they did so with the help of a killer cast of Richmond musicians — I spy members of Snowy Owls, Hoax Hunters, Clair Morgan, and more — makes seeing the video on NPR’s site all the more gratifying.

Positive No’s new album Glossa comes out on September 18, but I’d recommend heading to the pre-order page right this minute: One of the album’s format options is a 26-page, 7-by-7 book that’s designed by Kenny (with photos by PJ Sykes, who you can spot taking pictures in the “Pedal Through” video) and comes with a digital download of Glossa. It looks like only 40 copies are up for grabs, so act fast, if you haven’t already. In the meantime, check out the “Pedal Through” video and stream the track below.

Positive No — “Pedal Through” [Bandcamp]

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