Beach Week

Took this at the turnaround point of yesterday’s run (back at the beach this week). This fence separates the rest of the Corolla beach from the northernmost 4WD-only part, which cracks me up because it makes me think of Jurassic Park, like the trucks and SUVs are going to break out and wreak havoc when they find out the fence isn’t electrified. Whenever I want to run a little further and need to wriggle through the cables, I half expect this to happen.

Yesterday’s running tunes were Braxton Cook Meets Butcher Brown, which couldn’t have been more perfect for settling into a groove and surrendering to a wandering mind. I’m pretty sure I disappeared completely at one point.

Not sure if I’ll post anything else this week, but I hope everyone’s respective dinosaurs remain at bay, at least until the weekend.

Braxton Cook — “FJYD” [Spotify/Bandcamp]

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