J. Clyde

J Clyde

I’ve got your weekend listening covered.

Norfolk producer J. Clyde teamed up with the Brigade clothing brand to release a beat tape called Any Means in celebration of the brand’s newest collection. It’s a really interesting project — J. Clyde’s beats double as a soundtrack for the bonkers 1975 live action/cartoon blacksploitation film Coonskin — and it’s some of the best work I’ve heard from the producer, which is saying something, given how talented and mind-bogglingly prolific he is.

I’m especially enamored with the passage from around 11:30 to 13:30 — it’s an excellent example of J. Clyde’s knack for hearing potential in snippets other producers might zoom past. The descending then ascending notes creep down and back up in this amazingly cool way, and I can’t imagine having zoomed in on those notes and envisioned (for lack of an auditory equivalent of the word) this groove, nor can I get enough of it. Just goes to show that some people see the world as it is, and some see the world as it could be.

Stream Any Means below — I envision an excellent start to the weekend if you do.

Brigade Presents – Any Means (Produced By J. Clyde) [Soundcloud/Brigade]

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