Saturday at the Richmond Folk Fest

Folk Fest cover

I managed to sneak away for a few free-ranging hours at the Richmond Folk Festival on Saturday, and I brought my camera along with a photo post in mind.

Such a great time. Such talented groups. Such a fun format. The 45-minute sets are the perfect length for a festival like this — long enough for you to become invested in what you’re seeing and hearing, short enough for you to sample a bunch of different groups throughout the day. Here’s a shot of my marked-up schedule:

Folk Fest schedule

I didn’t get photos of everything I saw, and you’ll notice I didn’t work up the courage to get close to the stage until later in the afternoon, but here are a few shots and videos that made me happy:

The Church Sisters

Church Sisters 1

Church Sisters 2

The Church Sisters — “Folsom Prison Blues” (Johnny Cash cover)

Instrument-making tent

Luthiers 1

Luthiers 2

Crafts market

Tackle 1

Amargue Bachata Quintet with Andre Veloz

Bachata 1

Bachata 2

Amargue Bachata Quintet with Andre Veloz — “Stand By Me” (Ben E. King cover)

Reverend John Wilkins

Reverend 1

Reverend 2

On the way out…

Sculpture 1

I’ll sign off with a song Andre Veloz sang that I loved and was so happy to find online — Joan Soriano’s “Llanto a la luna.”

Joan Soriano (feat. Andrew Veloz) –“Llanto a la luna” [Spotify/iTunes]

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