CD Monday

The Beta Band

Couldn’t wrangle the glare coming off this week’s CD so I decided to lean into it. Hi guys!

If you’ve taken a gander at the Record Store Day Black Friday list, you might already know why I picked The Three EP’s to cruise around with this week. “Dry The Rain” appears on the High Fidelity soundtrack, which is getting a fancy 15th anniversary release on Friday, and I am, to put things mildly, interested in securing a copy. It’s an outstanding collection. Check out the track list as it appears on the Record Store Day site:

Disc 1 (Side A): 1. “You’re Gonna Miss Me” / The Thirteenth Floor Elevators 2. “Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy” / The Kinks 3. “I’m Wrong about Everything” / John Wesley Harding 4. “Oh! Sweet Nuthin'” / The Velvet Underground Disc 1 (Side B): 5. “Always See Your Face” / Love 6. “Most Of The Time” / Bob Dylan 7. “Fallen For You” / Sheila Nicholls 8. “Dry The Rain” / The Beta Band

Disc 2 (Side A): 1. “Shipbuilding” / Elvis Costello & The Attractions 2. “Cold Blooded Old Times” / Smog 3. “Let’s Get It On” / Jack Black Disc 2 (Side B): 4. “Lo Boob Oscillator” / Stereolab 5. “Inside Game” / Royal Trux 6. “Who Loves The Sun” / The Velvet Underground 7. “I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)” / Stevie Wonder

Add in the fact that, if Discogs is to be believed, the soundtrack has (ironically, you might say) never been released on vinyl in America, and you’ve got yourself quite the desirable item. I’m looking forward to lining up at BK Music with brother-in-law Brian, who will be in town for Thanksgiving and has said he’s in for Friday’s vinyl hijinks. The wake-up will be early, but it’ll be well worth it if we get to spin the album at YHT HQ and reenact this scene:

Check out the full RSD Black Friday list here and listen below to “Dry The Rain.” If people overhear and say they like it, make sure to say “I know” with as emotionless an expression as you can muster. Or, ya know, not muster.

The Beta Band — “Dry The Rain” [Spotify/iTunes]

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