2015! Holy Crap! Bonus: Sound Gaze Retrospective Spectacular

Sound Gaze

Quick bonus coverage of the year that was…

OK, so maybe “quick” isn’t the right word here, because Doug Nunnally let me hang around for two whole hours chatting about 2015 music for a special retrospective edition of Sound Gaze, which was followed by his countdown of the best songs of the year. He’s already said this on Twitter, but we absolutely could have done another two hours, given this year’s bumper music crop and the enthusiasm he inspires when we get talking. Many thanks to Doug for having me on, and just as many apologies for smacking my gums so many times. No idea what that was about. Listen below!

Sound Gaze — December 19th, 2015

More retrospective fun!

Part 1: Fav Physical Releases
Part 2: Blasts from the Past
Part 3: Excellent EPs

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