My Darling Fury

My Darling Fury

Whoa. Just had my socks knocked right off by this new My Darling Fury song. Take a listen below…

How about that sax?!? So punchy and powerful. Timed perfectly, too — the sax kicks in just as the vocals are switching from ethereal and questioning to personal and declarative. Like, “OK, that’s what some people think, but here’s what I think.” I love it. And the breakdown just after the 2:00 mark takes all those atmospheric elements to a whole other level.

The fact that the lyrics take on the subject of being satisfied from the perspective of someone who is is similarly impressive. There’s a reason the satisfaction-related song most people would think of first is written from the perspective of someone who is not. It’s so much easier to write about wanting than having, and writing about having is a small needle to thread without sounding smug. “Satisfied” hits the sweet spot, I think. With its repeated lyrics and unwavering focus, it feels like a mediation. In that sense, it reminds me a little of “My Girls,” a song I hold near and dear.

I have a feeling I’ll grow close to this one too.

My Darling Fury — “Satisfied” [Spotfiy/iTunes]

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