Friday News and Notes

Sounds of RVA

  • No CD Monday this week to update (was traveling back from NYC on Monday), but I’m psyched about next week’s. Tom Petty is involved.
  • I recommend reading this touching remembrance of John Berry by Jeremy Shatan of AnEarful and Off Your Radar.
  • Speaking of saying goodbye, I was very sad to see Sounds of RVA’s farewell message. I’ve enjoyed following along with Sarah’s posts and have learned a lot from them. Between this announcement and RVA Playlist’s, it feels like the end of an era. Sarah and Andrew have felt like partners in crime, and I’ll always appreciate the added motivation I’ve gotten from knowing there are people our there with whom I share a sense of purpose. Definitely going to deploy my prized Sounds of RVA coozie tonight in Sarah’s honor.
  • Important PSA: Don’t forget to check that the albums you find at Goodwill actually have the right records inside. I thought I’d found a nice, clean copy of Pearls Before Swine’s Balaklava. I had actually found the cover of Pearls Before Swine’s Balaklava with some crusty big band nonsense inside.
  • No Friday Cheers this week, but Dominion Riverrock has some great music — Keller Williams and G. Love and Mikrowaves and Big Mama Shakes and more — and it’s free! Click here for the full schedule.

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