Durand Jones & The Indications

Durand Jones

Talk about wish fulfillment.

Last Friday, I whined about being late to the Durand Jones & The Indications party, and how it meant I likely wouldn’t get my hands on a copy of the group’s self-titled debut album, which was pressed in relatively small numbers.

BK Music to the rescue.

They just got in an incredible haul of used vinyl, and to get the word out, they did something that I’m seeing more and more — they posted a short video of disembodied hands flipping through the albums. I saw Durand Jones was in there, blacked out, and when I came to, I was listening to it on my turntable. Feeling very lucky right now.

Quick, related side note: A coworker once told me about how her daughter was hooked on these YouTube videos in which disembodied hands (OK, so there really are bodies attached, you just can’t see them) open up plastic or paper mache eggs and show what’s inside. Toys, candy, whatever. Depending on how your brain’s reward system is wired, you’re probably either saying to yourself “What’s the big deal?” or “I TOTALLY GET IT.”

And I totally get it, because I’m pretty sure those videos poke the exact same part of the brain that makes it so fun to flip through records. The element of surprise… the possibility that the next item could be the very thing you’re looking for… and experiencing that vicariously online is such a logical extension of that impulse. Not as great as being at the store to dig in person, but it’s still pretty great.

In summary, I have the brain of an addict, record stores everywhere should be doing this, and BK makes dreams come true.

Back to Durand Jones. This album cuts to the core of what I love most about soul music. It’s not about being polished or elaborate. Tons of legendary soul songs were recorded minutes after the band ran through them for the first time. It’s about the magic in the air when you do hit the record button — the emotion in the singer’s voice, the groove the band finds — and Jones & Co. have that magic in droves. See what you think:

Durand Jones & The Indications — “Tuck N’ Roll” [Spotify/iTunes]

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