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1,095 Little Birds

About a month ago, while running with my iPod on shuffle, I hatched a plan. A crazy one. I decided I was going to choose a song and listen to it every single day for a year. I figured that, if it didn’t put me in a padded room, this stunt exercise would help me explore the boundaries of how deeply I could connect with a song. Would I grow to hate it? Would I hear things that had previously gone unnoticed? Would it start to seem abstract, like words do when you say or read them too many times? So many questions, but one stood head and shoulders above the rest:

Which song?

After weeks of careful consideration, I’ve chosen Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.” Here’s my reasoning:

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Bob Marley


In yesterday’s post, which offered highlights from a state-themed, North Carolina to New Jersey driving mix I made for my uncle, I completely skipped over Delaware, thinking that nothing in my iTunes library could possibly bear a relationship to the First State.

Oh how wrong I was.

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