Bob Marley


In yesterday’s post, which offered highlights from a state-themed, North Carolina to New Jersey driving mix I made for my uncle, I completely skipped over Delaware, thinking that nothing in my iTunes library could possibly bear a relationship to the First State.

Oh how wrong I was.

The author of the fantastic AnEarful blog left a comment pointing out that Bob Marley — the Legend himself (no, not that legend) — lived for a short time in Delaware! Holy shit! Now that is a fantastic piece of music trivia. Apparently he moved to Wilmington after getting married in 1966, working normal-people jobs at a DuPont lab and a Chrysler assembly line under the alias “Donald Marley.” How cool is that? Right now, somewhere in Wilmington, there’s a retired dude who is telling his grandkids, “Yeah, I built cars with Bob Marley. No biggie.” Good golly.

With this new information in mind, I’d like to retroactively add “Could You Be Loved” to the NC to NJ driving mix, because Delaware clearly deserves some love too, and I can’t think of a better song to accompany the waning hours of my family’s beach week.

Bob Marley — “Could You Be Loved” [Spotify/iTunes]

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