Top 10 Albums of 2013

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It’s customary to start year-end lists by chewing some fat about how making them is strange and difficult work, and in general, I find that these intros can be exceedingly skippable. Everyone knows that album rankings are subjective (even when they’re created on behalf of a publication or website), and no one needs to be reminded that the list maker didn’t listen — and couldn’t have listened, of course! — to every single thing that came out in the preceding 12 months. You don’t share Santa Claus’ knack for bending the space-time continuum. Understood. But before I get to my Top 10 albums, I would like to share a quick story about how I came up with my list, and how Beyoncé helped me find meaning in this whole strange and difficult exercise.

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Daft Punk

Has it been a rough week? Did someone call you out for having a case of the Mondays? Did you accidentally wear two different shoes to work on Tuesday? Did you spend Wednesday afternoon cleaning up vomit because one of your kids puked on your other kid, who then puked on you? Did your dog get expelled from doggie daycare on Thursday for trying to have sex with absolutely everything? OK, so (almost) none of those things happened to me in the past 5 days, but this week was far from a cakewalk. Thankfully, today is Friday, and no matter which flavor of indignity you were forced to choke down this week, I have just the thing to help you turn your brain off and forget.

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