Stockholm Syndrone

The Buggles

For Toddler YHT’s second birthday, her favorite song ever.

A few fun facts beyond the MTV one:

  • Bruce Woolley and two other original members of The Buggles wrote the song, but Woolley left the band while they were recording The Age of Plastic to form another group called The Camera Club, and that band recorded a different version of the song.
  • When the Buggles’ recording was released, it topped singles charts in Australia, Austria, France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK, and it was the best-selling record in Australia for 27 years. Apparently Australia can truly get down with some anxious, technology-related nostalgia.
  • Gary Lanagan, who mixed the song, claims it had “the loudest bass drum ever for its time.”
  • I thought maybe a bullet mic was used to create the old-timey effect on the male vocals, but apparently it was a Vox AC30 amp. OK then.
  • My daughter says “Alllllmost dooooone” in a really excited way whenever the false ending happens. She’s a smart cookie. And the album cut is actually a minute longer than the single version, with additional piano, synth, and sampled vocals, so it’s almost like it has two false endings, which is kind of hilarious when there’s a toddler sitting in your back seat waiting for just the right moment to say “AGAIN!”
  • I wasn’t kidding about the Stockholm Syndrone effect — I really do love this song more since we started listening to it every morning. And I love my two-year-old more, too — even if she hated music, the passage of time would ensure I love her more each day, but listening to music with her is my new favorite thing in the entire universe.

Happy birthday, kiddo. Have some “Radio Star.”

The Buggles — “Video Killed The Radio Star” [Spotify/iTunes]

Friday News and Notes


A few quick notes heading into the weekend:

  • CD Monday update: CD Monday is on the ropes, y’all. Once again, I didn’t get to listen much to the week’s album — this time it was because Toddler YHT has started requesting “Video Killed The Radio Star” the moment any other music starts playing. As repetitive as it may be, The Buggles are 1000% preferable to Daniel Tiger singing about his feelings. It reminds me a little of when I worked at Buffalo Wild Wings one summer: I thought I’d get sick of chicken wings — I went home smelling like one every night — but I ended that summer more hooked on Bdubs than ever. I think the same thing is happening with “Radio Star,” as my daughter calls it.
  • Avers Note #1: My vinyl copy of the new album came in the mail earlier this week, and it’s excellent. Can’t wait to write a longer thing about it.
  • Avers Note #2: Congrats to the band on the Billboard advance stream! Love thinking about how many new ears they’ll be reaching.
  • Avers Note #3: Tonight’s the big release show at the Broadberry! I’ll be gigging tonight, but y’all should all go and get your faces rocked off. And be sure to hit the merch table while you’re there — Omega/Whatever is a must-have.
  • This is very random, but I brought a VCR to the Corolla last week, and one of the movies we watched was Disney’s foxy version of Robin Hood. While it was playing I found out that the Watkins Family Hour album from last year has a fantastic cover of “Not In Nottingham.” Did y’all know Roger Miller wrote that? And the “Oo De Lally” song? How cool is that?
  • Ryan Adams writes a lot of spontaneous mid-concert throwaway songs, but this has to be one of his best. By the way, if you haven’t heard his set from Newport — the one he did with The Infamous Stringdusters –it’s definitely worth a listen.
  • Next week’s Off Your Radar will cover Gillian Welch’s Time (The Revelator), and I am so damn excited that I have no idea what to write. Tune in on Monday to see what happens when that confused excitement collides with my Sunday submission deadline!