Friday News and Notes: Holiday Music Edition


In recent years, I’ve made the mistake of waiting until the two or three days leading up to Christmas to start spinning holiday tunes, so I’ve been hitting it hard in the last week or so. John Fahey. John Denver (Toddler YHT’s choice: “I want the mountain one”). The Kingston Trio. Charlie Byrd. Here are a few web-based recommendations:

Too much good stuff, too few Christmases per year, y’all. One more thing: Don’t miss tonight’s No BS! Brass Band show at The Broadberry — it’s three things in one: A canned food drive, a beer release and, well, a No BS! show. Luray opens. Click here for tickets.

Will Butler

This video blew my mind a little bit. “Anna” has always reminded me of something Mark Mothersbaugh would have written for The Life Aquatic (“Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op” might be what I’m thinking of), and the first few seconds of the video pick up on the film’s aesthetic, with the yellow credits set against the ocean’s surface, the interior shots of a boat that seems very clean and vaguely antiquated… Emma Stone’s (excellent) performance takes the Brantley Gutierrez-directed clip to a different place — more Spike Jonze than Wes Anderson — but it still feels like the association I’d silently made was somehow extracted from my brain and given a visual form. I love it.

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Early 2015 Album Preview


Damn. It’s December? Who let that happen?

It’s hard to believe, but year-end lists are starting to appear. I just saw Rolling Stone’s, which placed the U2 album at #1. OK then. My top-10 is in the works… sort of. I’ve been keeping a list of every new album I’ve listened to in full — first time I’ve done that — and I’ve made a spot in my living room for the albums released in 2014 that I bought on vinyl so I can give them a few extra listens. I’m certain this means they’ll get preferential rankings, but whatever.

While I’m in the process of making lists and checking them twice, I thought it would be fun to preview a few of the albums I’m looking forward to in 2015. You know what? “Looking forward to” is putting it mildly. I’m like a cat staring at a printer, impatiently waiting to grab what comes out. Here’s why:

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