Middle Brother

It’s an amazing time to be a music fan. Not just because of availability and diversity, both of which are greater than ever before, but also because the wellspring of creativity that the Internet has tapped flows in music’s consumers and performers alike. Case in point: Yours Truly. This incredible project is based in San Francisco, and is dedicated to filming performance videos that are uncommon and revealing. It’s art born out of art, and each episode is filled with personality and care that leave a lasting impression. One of my favorites features Middle Brother, a band that’s comprised of members of Deer Tick, Dawes and Delta Spirit. The video of their song “Daydreaming” is strikingly intimate, with tight camera angles and band members huddled close to one another, singing lyrics that are likewise revealing, as if they could be whispered in a confessional. It’s a beautiful video of a beautiful song, and I hope you enjoy it. If you do, listen below to another fantastic tune from their eponymous album called “Middle Brother.”

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