White Laces

White Laces

Important Vinyl Update … The Artist: White Laces. The Album: White Laces. The Store: Deep Groove. The Price: $9.99.

Discovering a new band is like moving to an unfamiliar city. Relocating means new street names, new restaurants and new experiences. Finding a new band brings you new sights, sounds and perspectives, along with the hope that they’ll book a concert nearby, so you can dig even deeper. Both make the world seem like a slightly bigger place than it was before. So when you find a band that kicks ass and hails from your beloved hometown, all that’s familiar is filled with renewed possibility. The feeling is electric, and hearing White Laces for the first time was like stepping on a live power line while walking through my living room. I found out about White Laces from Richmond Playlist, an awesome blog that covers both local bands and nationally touring acts who are stopping in town. Right away, I loved how complete they sounded. Complex musical ideas are executed thoughtfully, as chaos and calm work hand in hand to paint vivid and cohesive sonic pictures. I wanted to hear more, and when I saw their 12” EP at Deep Groove, I knew it was meant to be. Check out their song “Sick of Summer” and if you dig, head to their page on SoundCloud to hear more.

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