The Very Best

Super Mom Mixtape

Mixtape Week: Day 2. The Artist: The Very Best. The Tape: Super Mom Mixtape.

What pops to mind when you think of Mother’s Day? 1-800-Flowers? Crowded brunches? Thoughtful cards with handwritten notes inside? WRONG! The right answer is, of course, mixtapes. To celebrate Mother’s Day 2011, The Very Best generously offered up the Super Mom Mixtape, a collection of 12 songs that are super fun, even if you yourself haven’t given birth to human children. Singer Esau Mwamwaya lends his crazy hypnotic voice to songs by Kanye West, Billy Idol, and Cee-Lo, among others, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that his vocals belong pretty much everywhere (sorry T. Pain, I think we should see other people). The tape also gives us two brand new songs, including the ridiculously catchy title track. My far-and-away favorite, however, is the “Africa to California Anthem,” in which producer Johan Hugo deftly takes the iconic sample from 2Pac’s classic, “California Love,” for an international joyride. From personal experience, this one is best enjoyed in the car, at full volume, with a single hand at 12 o’clock on the steering wheel. Check it out below and download the rest of the tape for free here. And don’t forget to send the link to your mom, especially if she likes LCD Soundsystem and 3-weeks-late Mother’s Day presents.

3 thoughts on “The Very Best

  1. don’t forget to keep it just a palm on the steering wheel. The smaller the flesh to wheel contact ratio, the better.

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