Read It Later Roulette

Do you use Read It Later? No? You should! It’s a great way to keep track of all the content you don’t have time to check out right away. Apparently I haven’t had much time at all, because my Read It Later list has gotten crazy long. As such (and such as), I figured this would be a good opportunity to play another round of Read It Later Roulette. Let’s spin the nonexistent wheel!

Not since legends Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis teamed up in Die Hard: With a Vengeance have I been this excited about a duo – La Blogotheque and working together? Sheeeeeeiiiiit. So, does that make the Rosebuds Jeremy Irons? Or are they the gold? Hm. Either way, the resulting video of “Share Our Tree” is stunning and well worth a look. In other Rosebuds news, Ivan bore witness to the unthinkable yesterday, and gave a report on Twitter: “Dude just took a dump in the Barnes n noble bathroom w/ a book from the store. I thought that was illegal. Cause it is fucked up”

The day after I wrote about Jason Isbell’s awesome theory about guilty pleasures, he just happened to be appearing on Letterman! COINCIDENCE? Well… yeah, but I still got a kick out of it. Check out the video below of his on-air performance of “Codeine” and click here for 2 more tunes that were recorded just for the interweb, “Go It Alone” and “Alabama Pines.”

Can I interest you in 42 minutes of an April 18, 1990 Nirvana show? The recording below was made at a club in Cambridge, Massachusetts prior to Dave Grohl joining the band, and the sound quality is actually not too terrible. The set even features a few cuts from the not-yet-released Nevermind.

I love me some Paul Simon. If you haven’t listened to his latest album, So Beautiful Or So What, you’re missing out on some moving and beautiful music. He stopped by Conan to perform “Love Is Eternal Sacred Light,” the video of which can be found below. Be sure to stick around for the end, when Conan jumps on stage and inadvertently makes Simon look about 3 feet tall. All of this makes me even more pissed at myself for not being on the ball about getting tickets for Simon’s upcoming show in Richmond. If anyone stumbles across an extra, please please please hit me up.

There are few absolutes in this chaotic world, but one thing is certain: If you cover a Wilco song, and someone posts it to SoundCloud, I will listen. Check out Widespread Panic covering “Outtasite (Outta Mind)” during their Halloween show in Wilco’s hometown of Chicago.

Quick soapbox moment — if you like that Twitter, Tumblr and SoundCloud exist, have a look at the video below and consider contacting your congressman about defeating SOPA/PROTECT IP.

That’s it for now — thanks for playing Read It Later Roulette! If you’re feeling lightheaded, that’s totally normal — you’re just reacting to all the extra oxygen the casino pumps into the air supply to keep the dice a-rollin’. It’ll wear off when you walk outside to explain to your wife over the phone why you took out a second mortgage on the house.


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