The King of Limbs

Concert Catch-Up Week, Day 3: Radiohead
(click here if you missed Day 1: Todd Snider, and here if you missed Day 2: Justin Townes Earle

I love picking music apart. Like some eager high school biology student with a scalpel in his hand and a dead frog lying belly-up on his desk (The album art above seems downright icky after reading that, doesn’t it?), I like dissecting songs, finding out what makes them tick, what makes them exceptional, and what they reveal about the people who wrote them. Actually, “like” might not be the right word to use; after years of playing in bands and nearly 250 posts on this here blog, this type of analytic thinking has become almost totally involuntary. I’ll sometimes catch myself coming up with angles for posts about even the dumbest pop music, like why that video of Jimmy Fallon and the Roots playing “Call Me Maybe” with Carly Rae Jepsen is actually pretty great, or how “Am I The Only One” by Dierks Bentley perfectly encapsulates the way relationships with your friends evolve during your mid-20’s (please someone dare me to actually write this).

With this propensity in mind, I had a quick chat with my brain as we hurried into the Verizon Center to catch the beginning of Radiohead’s June 3 performance. It went a little something like this…

Me: “Hey, brain.”
Brain: “Whatup?”
Me: “So this Radiohead show…”
Brain: “What about it?”
Me: “I know you’ve been getting all geared up for it…”
Brain: “Geared up? I’m freaking out up here. So much to absorb. So much to remember. I dunno if I can do this, man.”
Me: “I totally understand. Jonny Greenwood’s guitar alone is enough to send us both into overdrive. That’s why I’ve decided to give you the night off.”
Brain: “Really?”
Me: “Really. No blog ideas, no set list nit-picking, no isolating Phil Selway for an entire song, nothing. Just have fun.”
Brain: “No way! That’s awesome, thank you! Wait… do I still get paid?”
Me: “Yes, but you have to use a sick day.”
Brain: “Asshole.”

Seeing Radiohead was so thrilling, so highly anticipated, so overwhelming that I chose/am choosing not to pick the experience apart, other than to say it was everything I hoped it would be and more. I promise I’ll pull out my scalpel next time I see them, but for now, as Fiona Apple puts it in one of her new tunes, “I just want to feel everything.”

Check out a couple King of Limbs remixes below, along with a YouTube video of new song “Identikit” from another recent show.

Radiohead — “Separator – Anstam RMX” [Spotify/iTunes]

Radiohead — “Bloom – Objekt RMX” [Spotify/iTunes]

Radiohead — “Identikit” [YouTube]

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