White Laces


When White Laces announced the release date of their upcoming album MOVES yesterday, they also posted a link to a Soundcloud preview of one of its tracks, a beautifully layered and rapturously roomy song entitled “Crawl/Collapse.” Good things are clearly coming our way on August 21.

This is an exceptionally cool tune. It exemplifies one of the things I love most about White Laces — an attention to detail that leads to well-crafted, complete songs, with equal care given to opening moments and closing chords. A little white back, I wrote about how much I love the way they close their song “Dissolve Into Color,” which appears on the split 7-inch record the group released with Philadelphia band Arches, and “Crawl/Collapse” exhibits that same start-to-finish captivation. Staggered entrances accentuate the textural differences between the guitars right off the bat, and this relationship twists and turns as the track becomes progressively darker and more expansive. And then there’s the song’s extended conclusion. Before I say anything, have a look at the way it appears on Soundcloud. (WARNING: This is just a picture, so don’t get angry at your computer when the play button doesn’t work.)

Tell me that’s not a sexy waveform. You can literally see the 4-and-a-half-minute instrumental coda that builds, evolves and ultimately devolves, dropping you off in a completely different place from where you started. It’s a journey well worth taking, so have a listen below and start getting excited for the August 21 release of MOVES.

White Laces — “Crawl/Collapse” [Soundcloud]

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