This is dedicated… Vol. 2

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The interweb situation down here in the Outer Banks is an unholy nightmare, but I’m battling the spotty connection so I can send out a quickie dedication to Mr. Facundo Campazzo.

The first half of Monday’s men’s basketball game between the United States and Argentina was close, but Team USA pulled away in the third quarter, unleashing a barrage of scoring that left little doubt as to who would come out on top. It was awesome. Kevin Durant was going bonkers from 3, and there was much rejoicing in the beach house living room.

Not everyone was as excited as we were, however, and Argentinian player Facundo Campazzo decided to show his displeasure by cheap-shotting Carmelo Anthony in the nuts while he was shooting a 3. (It’s worth pointing out the Anthony made that shot. I’m telling you, we couldn’t miss). It was a real dick move, and I’d like to dedicate two songs to Mr. Campazzo. Their lyrics cover very different subject matter, and almost none of it relates to Olympic basketball, but I think the general message rings true…

Cee Lo Green — “Fuck You” (live) [Spotify/iTunes]

Lily Allen — “Fuck You” [Spotify/iTunes]

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