Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

This is, as the song’s lyrics so concisely convey, “fucking awesome.”

There’s so much to love about “Thrift Shop,” I’m gonna have to make a bulleted list to avoid the post flying past the thousand-word mark.

  • Let’s start with the premise. My older (and cooler) sister started thrift store shopping in high school, so I’ve been reaping the benefits of fun, random, second-hand stuff since middle school. Incidentally, she also hammered into my head how great The Beatles are. She was like Zooey Deschanel in Almost Famous, without the abandonment or the creepy, three-mile stare. Point is that thrift stores have a special place in my heart — a place that just got a little bigger thanks to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.
  • This hook is infinitely sing-along-able. I found out about the song on Tumblr, where someone I follow posted that it was played repeatedly by the hosts of a party, but that he couldn’t even be mad because the song is so great. NOW, I’m not saying that “Thrift Store” is the heir to encore-king “N***** In Paris,” but you never know…
  • The one-minute mark is home to the best R. Kelly joke I’ve seen since “(I Wanna) Pee On You.”
  • Those Batman pajamas. Seriously. So badass.
  • There are socioeconomic forces at work here. At a time in which so many people are struggling financially, I can definitely get behind a video that glorifies “stunting and flossing” via bargain hunting. That’s just sound financial decision-making. Think of it as a modern-day version of the victory gardens people grow whenever there’s a World War. Or something.
  • The surrogate hook-singers are fantastic.
  • I love t-shirts and all, and have cumulatively spent a ridiculous amount of money on music/NASCAR/NBA merch in my time, but the part of the song that takes a dump on $50 brand-name t-shirts makes me want to stand up and give a hearty round of applause.
  • This video looks like it was crazy fun to make. The abundance of smiling non-actors gives the clip a warmth that keeps your smile going throughout, not unlike Cat Power’s “Lived In Bars” video, which Pitchfork’s Mark Richardson wrote about a little while back.
  • “Imma take your grandpa’s style” very well may be my new catch phrase.

I could be here all day, so I’m going to stop there and urge you to watch above and listen below for yourself. If you need me, I’ll be at Diversity Thrift thumbing through the fur coats.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Wanz) – “Thrift Shop” [Spotify/iTunes]

6 thoughts on “Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

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  3. After I was terribly embarrased for being a lazy, bad blog reading friend I had to find this post. Once I found it and enjoyed the video I realized that I DID read this one 🙂 Phew! I’m always going to be a little behind when it comes to music, but it makes me happy to know that you were excited that I was excited months later.

    • Yay! All bloggishness aside, I just love finding out that someone is as excited about a song as I am, especially one like “Thrift Shop.” Coincidentally, one of the guys from the group posted this really nice note on their website today, which made me ridiculously happy…

      “Today was crazy. I woke up to find out Thrift Shop went Platinum. I’m grateful and in disbelief how much our fans have gone above and beyond, spreading our music and supporting us since the beginning. Going platinum as an independent artist simply doesn’t happen unless your fans make it happen, and I’m constantly reminded how blessed we are to have the fans we do. I was surprised today with a nice card, some champagne and a good bottle of whiskey (my favorite) reminding me to just stop and celebrate for a second. My glass is raised #SFG — Ryan”

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  5. Pingback: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis | You hear that?!?

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