Dawes + Justin Townes Earle = WANT

[Update: Abby is our winner! Thanks for commenting so quickly, and enjoy your Daytrotter membership!]

 It’s that time again! Daytrotter is giving a limited-edition split 12-inch to people who buy gift memberships and, as was the case with the Civil Wars/Lumineers split release a few months back, I want. that. record.

The album in question is the third entry in the Daytrotter Presents… series, with Dawes’ 2011 session on one side and Justin Townes Earle’s session from 2010 on the other, and I have a hole in my heart that can only be filled by this vinyl disc.

So here’s the deal, just like last time, the first person to post a comment below referencing this contest wins a one-year Daytrotter membership. It’s just that easy. You can say “Hey! I’ll take a free Daytrotter membership!” or “Gimme gimme gimme!” or even “I don’t know what Daytrotter is, but I like music and free stuff!” Whatever. The important thing is you’ll get 12 months of access to Daytrotter’s massive library of exclusive (and downloadable) live sessions, I’ll get my record, and all will be right with the world.

Too keep you company as you compose your comment, I’ve included album versions of two songs that will be featured on Daytrotter Presents… No. 3 — Dawes’ “Coming Back To A Man” and Justin Townes Earle’s “Mama’s Eyes.” If you get lost in these two great tunes and don’t manage to post first, I highly recommend snagging a $2-a-month membership anyway. It’s a crazy value that practically oozes out of your computer screen as you scan the full list of sessions.

Who wants it?

Dawes — “Coming Back To A Man” [Spotify/iTunes]

Justin Townes Earle  — “Mama’s Eyes” [Spotify/iTunes]

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